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Below you’ll find ‘Visitor information’ and ‘Opening times & prices’ as well as practical details.

Visitor information 

How long does it take to experience Titanic The Exhibition?
The guided tour (with an audio guide) takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Are audio guides available at the exhibition?
Yes, every visitor will be provided with a personal audio guide, which is included in the admission.

What language are the audio guides in?
Danish, english, finnish, french, german, norwegian, polish, portuguese, russian, spanish and swedish.

Is there a restaurant or café at the exhibition?
No. But nearby you have various options of restaurants and cafés.

Is photography permitted at the exhibition?
No, you may not take photographs inside the actual exhibition.

Can I take a pushchair into the exhibition?

Can I take my dog to the exhibition?
No, out of consideration for allergy sufferers, dogs are not allowed at the exhibition.

Is there a souvenir shop?
Yes, there is a shop by the exit from Titanic The Exhibition

Opening times & prices

What are the opening times to Titanic The Exhibition?
The opening times vary slightly. See the link ‘Opening times’ for the current times.

How much does a visit cost?
See the link ‘Prices’ for the different price categories for the exhibition.

Can I buy an entrance ticket direct from the cashier?
Yes, you can. But, we recommend everyone to book ticket in advance since we cannot guarantee that there are any tickets left onsite. Note that this is a cashless exhibition. You can only pay by card or Swish.

Can I pay by card or Swish?
Yes, we accept many types of debit card. Swish is also acceptable.

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